2008-2015 Ram 4500/5500 2-Stage Front Air Suspension


Remove your existing coil spring suspension for a full front air suspension system. Better ride quality and better support for accessories such as snowplows, aftermarket bumpers, and more.

Product Details

The Kelderman 2-Stage Front Air Suspension System replaces the factory coil spring suspension on your Ram HD truck with an industrial-strength airbag and shocks to boost the carrying capacity of your Ram’s front suspension while improving the ride of the truck.

This 2-Stage Front Air Suspension System includes our own line of custom-valved shocks (updated design) with specific valving in the shock to get your Ram riding just how you want it.

These systems work well for trucks equipped with heavy front bumpers, snowplows, winches, and many other accessories. Don’t let your truck continue to sag upfront because the factory coil spring just can’t cut it. No more nose-down trucks with the weight of a plow, bumper, or whatever else you may need to get the job done. This kit consists of upper and lower bag plates, industrial-strength airbags, and adjustable shocks. These kits come with a ‘manual fill’ setup that allows you to add air to them manually until they are the correct height for the proper ride. Optional air control systems are available to work with just a front kit or in conjunction with a Kelderman 2-Stage Rear or 4-Link Rear Air Suspension System!