Kelderman Stock Height Air Suspension

Kelderman offers air suspension systems on everything from pickup trucks to RVs, trailers, chassis cab trucks, and more. Whether it’s a full 4-link suspension system or our unique 2-stage design, Kelderman has an air suspension solution for your application.

We’ll Get Your Vehicle to the Height You Need

We hear all the time that it seems like new trucks keep getting higher and higher. Many people complain about the lack of space between the bed rail and their fifth wheel. Some people just hate climbing in and out of the truck, even with running boards.

With a front and rear air suspension system and an electronic air control system, you can lower your stock height truck by approximately 4 inches to make getting in and out or hooking up to a trailer much easier!

Kelderman customers standing outside of their truck, which is hitched up to a travel trailer.

Get a Better Ride and Better Towing with Kelderman

Heavy-duty trucks are meant to carry heavy loads. To help with towing, truck manufacturers have given you the same suspension for decades. Leaf springs – and even coil springs – can’t provide the ride or towing abilities that air suspension can. If you don’t tow with your truck and are looking for improved ride quality, or if you use your truck a little harder than you should, Kelderman can make your truck work exactly how you need it to.

From our robust 4-link air suspension system designs that completely remove the factory suspension to our innovative 2-stage air suspension system setups that retain the factory suspension, Kelderman has an answer for you. With over 30 years of experience producing air suspension for heavy-duty trucks, we know what our customers expect from their trucks. We’ll help you find out which is the best kit for you.

We Offer More Than Just Air Suspension for Pickup Trucks.

We have kits available for your chassis cab work truck, trailers, and even your motorhome. Check out the available options for tandem and triple axle leaf spring or torsion axle applications here. The 2-stage front and rear air suspension kits are also available for many different motorhome applications like the Ford F-53, Ford E-Series, Mercedes Sprinter, and more. These rough riding motorhome chassis have been used for decades, but the rough ride doesn’t have to last. Find out what Kelderman has available to make your next trip a smooth one.

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