Air Lift Kits for Trucks

Kelderman Manufacturing Is the Lift Kit Leader

From a slight altitude adjustment to a larger-than-life creation, Kelderman has the perfect lift kit options for your truck.

Kelderman Manufacturing has been a leader in the lift kit market since we designed our first air ride suspension lift kit in 2003. Since that day, Kelderman has grown tremendously, both as a company and in our product offerings.

Our specialty is still with the ¾-ton and larger trucks that gave us our start, but we now have more air suspension options than ever. From a stock height suspension/leveling kit on a daily driver that gives your truck a slightly aggressive look to a massive 12-inch air suspension lift kit on a full-out show truck, Kelderman has something for every truck owner.

We pride ourselves on our innovative designs that will allow your truck to be different from the average lifted truck on the road. Superior ride quality, unmatched towing capabilities, and a completely adjustable suspension are all things you won’t find with any other lift kit on the market.

Built with laser-cut steel and hand welded with pride in Oskaloosa, Iowa, Kelderman offers the best American-built truck suspension on the market.

The Best of the Best

If you’re looking to do something different with your current – or even your next – truck, you’ve come to the right spot. Put yourself and your truck above the competition with the best in heavy-duty truck lift kits from Kelderman Manufacturing.

Our product offerings cover most late-model, ¾-ton and larger pickup trucks. It doesn’t matter if you want to run 35-inch or 40-inch tires, Kelderman has the perfect option to give you a comfortable, capable ride. You can find all of our lift kits in the shop section of our site.

It’s Not Just a Lift Kit


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely it will. Our kits are designed with ride quality in mind, first and foremost. You can expect a much improved ride quality in comparison to a traditional lift kit or even stock suspension.

Our full air ride kits are great for towing! You can still use your truck like a truck with air suspension installed.

No, you will not. All of our full air suspension kits meet or exceed the factory ratings for trucks they are installed on.

All of our kits are named after their designed ‘ride height’ setting. For example, a 5-6” lift kit will need to be driven as a 5-6” kit when traveling at any significant speed. You can raise and lower the suspension with one of our optional air control systems, but only when parked or in slow-speed scenarios.

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