Family owned and operated for 45 years, Kelderman Manufacturing has an innovative background in the automotive and agricultural industries with a commitment to build the best products right in the heart of the Midwest
Is this Heaven? No, it’s Iowa.

Nestled in the quiet cornfields of central Iowa, Kelderman Manufacturing has been in business since 1970. Founder/President Gary Kelderman started his own small manufacturing company building innovative products for the agricultural market. Gary is a renowned inventor for his work with rubber track systems, corn harvesting attachments, hay raking equipment, and more. Kelderman existed only in the agricultural marketplace for roughly 20 years until Gary’s passion for cars/trucks led to the creation of Kelderman Air Suspension. The history of Kelderman Air Suspension first began to take shape when Gary made a common purchase and ended up with a common problem. 

In 1990, Gary Kelderman bought a new Cummins Ram right off the showroom floor. He was so dissatisfied with the way it rode that he parked it for several months to develop a solution for the rough riding Ram truck. Those months of fabrication and design ended with the creation of the Kelderman 2-Stage Rear Air Suspension. A design that is still in production today, Gary’s creation made the truck ride like he really wanted it to. Over the next 25 years, Kelderman developed additional air suspension designs for pickup trucks, chassis cab trucks, RVs, trailers, and even full air suspension lift kits. Gary Kelderman still operates as President of Kelderman Manufacturing and under the leadership of Gary and his son Jeff, what started as a small, agricultural fab shop continues to move forward as a leading innovator in the agricultural and automotive industries.

Fun Fact:

Gary has his pilot's license and loves to spend time up in the sky with his personal gyrocopter!

Gary Kelderman, founder and President of Kelderman Manufacturing, Inc., is well respected for his work in the agriculture industry. His journey began in 1970 with  a small repair shop responsible for repair work and odd jobs for local farmers. Gary’s small fabrication shop has evolved into a 100,000+ square ft. manufacturing facility with state of the art laser cutters, metal benders, machining centers, and an in-house powder coat area. The growth of the company comes partially from his innovative designs. In the 1990’s, Gary Kelderman developed the rubber track systems that is used today on John Deere tractors and combines along with many other, now patented products.


Gary designed the first Kelderman Air Suspension back in 1990 for his personal truck which started a full line of air suspension systems for heavy duty trucks. The desire for building things from scratch didn’t stop with air suspension products. Today, Gary still designs products such as the Kelderman-Freeman 1592 baler, a self-propelled baler square baler, or the Kelderman Six Shooter, the world’s largest bale picking truck. Gary’s decision to take his ideas one step further is something that continues to push Kelderman Manufacturing to create products that the agriculture industry has never seen before.

Fun Fact:

Jeff spends a lot of his free time hunting anywhere he can. His office even features a stuffed bear that he hunted in Saskatchewan, Canada!

From motorcycles to muscle cars and, of course, heavy duty trucks, Jeff’s life revolves around the work done at Kelderman. Jeff’s designs led to some of Kelderman’s most popular builds dating back to ‘Big Red’, a 2003 Ram 3500 Mega Cab Long Box creation with Kelderman’s first 8-10” 4-Link Air Suspension Lift Kit. To top that, Jeff created a 2004 Ford F-250 Harley Davidson edition Powerstroke on an even bigger 12-14” 4-Link Air Suspension Lift KIt. Most guys would have thought that was good enough for a product showcase, but Jeff took it one step further. Jeff designed a hydraulic bed lift system for the pickup box to sit flat on the ground for easy loading and unloading of cargo. How else do you expect  someone to load a Harley in a Harley Davidson Ford?

Those were some of Kelderman’s most famous creations and how the company got it’s start in the custom truck scene. Kelderman Manufacturing continues to build world-class lifted trucks, but also manufactures a full line of air suspension system for non-lifted trucks, trailers, RVs, and more.

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