Salvage storm damaged corn
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In 1977, a local farmer came to Kelderman with wind/storm damaged corn looking for a solution for harvesting his crop. Shortly thereafter, the Kelderman Down Corn Reel was born and changed the landscape of harvesting corn. Farmers no longer left their crop in the field after a storm; instead they were able to salvage the corn that would have been lost otherwise.

Kelderman Down Corn Reel

When harvest is in full swing, we know time is of the essence. With over 150,000 square ft. of manufacturing space, Kelderman can quickly meet the demands of our customers. Corn reels are available for a 4 row combine to the biggest of corn heads. Our corn reel is fully adjustable (up & down, fore & aft) and has mounting brackets available for most brands. The hydraulic drive simplifies the system and allows you the ability to vary the speed of the reel. Our corn reel spokes featuring an exclusive, contoured design, are self cleaning and prevent the reel from interfering with standing corn.

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