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Meet Kelderman’s Premier Line of Truck Bumpers

A Limited Super Duty Ford Truck parked outside

Kelderman produces the highest quality bumpers available on the market today. Make your truck look exactly the way you want with our unique three-piece design, which provides a versatility that’s unprecedented for an aftermarket bumper. We offer three series of bumpers – Alpha, Bravo, and Delta – to accommodate multiple makes and models.

We got tired of seeing aftermarket fender flares stick out further than aftermarket bumpers, so we decided to do something about it. Our bumpers are available in two different widths: a stock version to match up with factory fenders and a wide version to be used with larger fender flares.

Custom Truck Grilles that Stand Out

While we’re on the subject, we got tired of looking at the front of trucks too. The traditional crosshairs, the ovals, the bow ties – we needed something fresh. That’s why we took apart our own trucks and made something better.
What we ended up with is a line of premium, laser-cut steel grilles for heavy duty trucks. Now you finally have an option to make the front end of your truck unique. These new designs can feature the legendary Kelderman “K” logo to let everybody know who helped you customize your truck.

These grilles are easily color-matched to give your truck a great look. Match a Kelderman grille with a Kelderman bumper and a Kelderman Air Suspension System, and you’ll end up with the most custom truck around.

We Never Cared to Blend In

Since Kelderman started in 1970, we’ve always gone about things a bit differently. We started as an agriculture company and quickly became noticed when our founder, Gary Kelderman, decided rubber track systems were better than tires for use in farm machinery.

That’s right, we reinvented the freakin’ wheel!

We made it better and now John Deere and New Holland use them on their tractors, combines, and other equipment. That’s right, those green and blue tractors are running equipment that was designed in the same facility that your Kelderman truck parts are designed and built in. We then moved onto air suspension, where we are known as the industry’s best option for ¾-ton and larger trucks, trailers, and RVs. Our next venture is to put our 30-plus years of experience building custom trucks to work on your project.

Suspension, bumpers, grilles, and more are available at your fingertips from a company that has been on the cover of Truckin’ Magazine, 8-Lug, Diesel World, Truck Trend, and more. If you’re looking for a place to start customizing your truck, it’s right here.


Make it exactly the way you want!

  • Width: Stock to match factory fender flares or wide to be used with larger fender flares.
  • Lights: Cutouts provided for LED light bars allowing for increased visibility.
  • Hooks: Unique pockets provide a mounting area for heavy duty clevis hooks or ropes.
  • Winch: Optional winch mounting plate allows integration with up to a 16,500-pound winch.
  • Sensors: Laser-cut holes for parking aid sensors for front and rear bumpers available.
Custom black truck with front bumper guard

Kelderman Now Offers More Options than Ever!

Kelderman now offers a full lineup of heavy duty bumpers and grilles for the heavy-duty trucks we’ve specialized in for over 30 years.