Agriculture innovation is our game

From the farmer next door to the U.S. Department of Energy, people across the globe have been getting the job done with Kelderman products for years.

Kelderman Manufacturing has brought cutting-edge equipment to the agriculture marketplace for more than four decades. Our company has patented dozens of designs and continues to be a leader in creating innovative farm implements that solve everyday agricultural challenges.

At Kelderman, We’re Outstanding in Our Field.

Pun intended.

High-volume power take-off water pumps, corn reels, biomass harvesting and transporting equipment, planter fold kits, hay rakes, rubber track systems for tractors and combines – we’ve been there and done that.

The Kelderman Down Corn Reel is the original corn reel and has been helping farmers harvest storm-damaged corn for decades. With more than 10,000 units in use, the Kelderman name has become synonymous with dependability in the field.

Our reputation has led us to projects and partnerships with the Department of Energy and worldwide agriculture leaders like Freeman and Abengoa. These partnerships led to the creation of the Kelderman Six Shooter, a first-of-its-kind bale-picking truck with a matching self-loading trailer. Find out more about our agriculture products below.

The Kelderman Down Corn Reel

The original Kelderman Down Corn Reel has been salvaging storm-damaged crops since the late 1970s. Our revolutionary, fully adjustable corn reels can fit a wide variety of machines and needs.

Mounting brackets are available for most brands of corn heads. The down corn reel uses a hydraulic drive, simplifying the system and allowing for variable speed.

The contoured spoke design is self-cleaning and does not interfere with standing corn. A Kelderman exclusive!

The universal component kit is fully adjustable, making the Kelderman reel the easiest to install and use!

High-Volume PTO Water Pumps

Call 1-800-334-6150 to place an order for your pump, parts, and more!

If you need to remove standing water from your fields, use a Kelderman agricultural water pump. We offer models measuring 18, 24, and 30 inches.

Our water pumps feature:

  • Constant velocity splined PTO shaft (24 inches) or heavy-duty drive shaft (30 inches).

  • A highly efficient design.
  • 28,000 gallons per minute capability (30 inches).
  • 20,000 gallons per minute capability (24 inches).

The Bale-Picking Truck

One of Kelderman’s most recent creations is the Bale-Picking Truck, or BPT. The BPT is a 600-horsepower, eight-wheel truck designed to harvest square bales sitting in fields. This machine can collect nearly three semi-loads of square bales each hour.

The BPT was part of a U.S. Department of Energy research, development, and demonstration product aimed at reducing costs and improving field-to-end use systems for biomass feedstock supply and logistics.

The Self-Loading Trailer

The Kelderman Self-Loading Trailer (SLT) project was co-funded through a cooperative agreement with the Biomass Energy Technology Office’s Feedstock Supply and Logistics Program area. These trailers are currently in use by Abengoa Cellulosic Biorefineries in southwestern Kansas.

These self-loading trailers drastically reduce loading and unloading times, reduce the number of trucks and trailers required for hauling operations, and reduce the cost of delivering biomass feedstocks.