Stock Height Air Suspension Systems
Kelderman offers air suspension systems on everything from pickup trucks to RVs, Trailers, Chassis Cab trucks and more. Whether it’s a full 4-Link Air Suspension system or our unique 2-Stage design, Kelderman has an air suspension solution for your application.
Better ride. Better Towing.
Get the most out of your truck with a Kelderman Air Suspension System

Heavy duty trucks are meant to carry heavy loads. In order to help with towing, truck manufacturers have given you the same suspension for decades. Leaf springs, and even coil springs, can’t provide the ride or towing abilities that air suspension can. Whether you don’t tow with your truck and are looking for an improved ride quality or if you use your truck a little harder than you should, Kelderman can make your truck work exactly how you need it to work.

From our robust, 4-Link suspension designs that completely remove the factory suspension to our innovative, 2-Stage suspension setups that retains the factory suspension, Kelderman has an answer for you. With over 25 years of experience producing air suspension for heavy duty trucks, we know what our customers expect from their trucks. Find out what is the best kit for you below.

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  • Can I put a 2-Stage Rear Air Suspension on my truck?
  • Will this hurt my towing abilities?
  • How does a 2-Stage Rear Air Suspension work?
  • How is this different than helper bags?
  • What if my truck has no problems towing and I only want to improve the ride quality?
  • Can I put air suspension on the front of my truck?
  • Can I drive my truck with the suspension fully deflated?
  • Can I lower my air suspension?
  • Will a 4-Link Air Suspension improve my towing capacity?
  • Can I completely remove my factory suspension?
We offer more than just air suspension for pickup trucks.

We have kits available for your chassis cab work truck, trailers, and even your motorhome. Check out the available options for tandem and triple axle leaf spring or torsion axle applications here. The 2-Stage Front and Rear Air Suspension kits are also available for the F53 motorhome chassis. This rough riding motorhome chassis has been used for decades, but the rough ride doesn’t have to last. Find out what Kelderman has available to make your next trip a smooth one.

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What People Are Saying

Mark: I want to thank you for your assistance with advice, pricing and setting up the installation at your facility. It was so nice that Kelderman offer a site with full hookups for us to stay at in our RV. I was very nervous initially in spending this amount of money, but was made more comfortable because of the recommendations of two people who belong to the same RV Forum as myself and have the same tow vehicle as mine. It was great that you and your technicians led me through the whole process and even more impressive that Jeff Kelderman came with us for our final test drive with fifth wheel in tow. It made me and especially my wife feel very confident that an owner wanted to make sure that we were completely satisfied. The ride has been made much more comfortable and my wife is happy that she can do her knitting again without losing stitches every time we go over a bump. Thank you for the loaner car during installation - a very nice gesture. Thanks once again, Regards - Lee Mitchell

Kelderman Manufacturing installed their air suspension unit along with a steering stabilizer on my 2016 Winnebago Sunstar with a Ford F53 chassis.  After the installation when we got back on I-80 I could tell the difference immediately.  The ride and steering was noticeably improved.  I am planning to return to Kelderman Manufacturing to have the rear air suspension installed along with a front and rear stabilizer.

The kit works great! You guys produce a very nice product.

We haul very close to our max GVWR on a daily basis seeing 5 to 8 dealers a day so the truck experiences a work load on a daily basis. Before the Kelderman suspension was added you could feel so much of the road. After we added the Kelderman it feels as if we are on a cloud. It was amazing to me that while we felt like we were on a cloud, the truck, for its weight, handles great!! Great job Kelderman!! This type of workmanship is why we are coming back to put your kit on our 44’ New Horizon Toy Hauler.

Big thanks to Kelderman for an awesome product. We installed their (4-Link Rear kit) on a truck for the USMC. We will definitely be using Kelderman products again in the future!

We added the Kelderman Air Suspension to a new Turtle Top Limo Bus built on a Ford E-450 chassis. I have demonstrated this bus to three people with great results. It virtually eliminates all of the bumps that you get on I-10 between Slidell and New Orleans. This road is one of the worst and it really made a difference. The customers that rode with me could not believe the difference that it made. We use other ride enhancements, but nothing close to this system. I can't wait to put this system on a paratransit bus for a high end retirement home.

Night and day difference (in ride quality). It rides about the same as a 2500 does now. Maybe between a 1500 and a 2500. It’s definitely better than the 2007 3500 I had. (Ram 5500 Front and Rear Air Suspension)

I had previously installed Mor/Ryde and Koni shocks on my 2010 F53, but this is so far superior. We just had install done on our new Winnebago and love to drive it. The ride is beyond fantastic. (Ford F53 Front Air Suspension)