2008-2010 Ford Super Duty Alpha Series Rear Bumper


A strong, durable option for the front end of your FORD with endless possibilities for customization.

Product Details

Known as the premier name in air suspension systems for 3/4 ton and larger trucks for over 25 years, Kelderman Manufacturing is proud to announce our all-new lineup of three piece, modular bumpers for heavy duty trucks. This bumper is designed for the 2008-2010 Ford Super Duty trucks. Our 3 piece design allows for dozens of possibilities for customizing the color scheme to the truck and other accessories. The bumper has a main center section along with a pair of end caps or ‘wings’.

A Kelderman rear bumper will provide cutouts for a pair of 4″ E-Series lights to be integrated as a pair of extremely bright reverse lights. The rear bumper design also features a unique set of ‘pockets’ that provide a mounting point for aftermarket hooks, tow ropes, and other accessories. The 3 piece design allows you the opportunity to match the same color scheme on the front bumper or go another direction to add a bit more to your project. Parking sensor cutouts are also available.

Available in raw metal finish. Bumper, lights, hooks, other accessories sold separately.