2020+ Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500 Front Fender Flare Caps


Get your Silverado back to looking factory after the removal of the OEM mudflaps with the help of our Kelderman Fender Flare Cap Set. Available in a textured black finish, rear caps are sold separately. *PATENT PENDING*

Product Details

Have you tucked a bit too large of a tire & wheel combination under your new Silverado 2500/3500 truck? We’ve all been there. Certain people are fine with trimming, cutting, and all sorts of modifications for the exact wheel, tire, and lift combination they want. With the new Silverado trucks, this involves the removal of some factory fender parts that leave your newly lifted truck looking…unfinished. For 50+ years, Kelderman has been providing innovative solutions in both the automotive and agricultural industries. Our solution for these Chevrolet trucks is a replacement fender flare cap set (pair) to provide a factory look back to a truck with trimmed fenders. These fender flare caps are ready to install on your truck with the OEM textured black finish.

Front fender flare caps are also available specifically for the 2020+ GMC SIERRA 2500/3500 trucks and can be found in the ‘Related Products’ section on this page’. GMC/Chevrolet caps do not interchange.