2016-2021 Ford F-650/750 4-Link Front Air Suspension


Leaf springs wearing you down? Convert the front of your Ford over to a full air suspension with this 4-Link Front Air Suspension System.

Product Details

A heavy duty truck like a Ford F-650 or F-750 has many advantages over light duty trucks-ride quality is not one of them. That can be changed easily enough with a Kelderman 4-Link Front Air Suspension System. This industrial strength air suspension setup greatly improves ride comfort, decreases shock & fatigue, and will improve the overall look of the truck, giving it a more leveled appearance on the front end.

Our 4-Link Front Air Suspension System comes with everything you need to completely eliminate the existing front leaf spring suspension on the truck. Our kit will include a heavy duty front sway bar assembly with bushings and sway bar end links, two height control valves, heavy duty air bags, mounting brackets, hardware, air line, fittings, etc. The provided height control valves can easily be connected to an onboard air supply to have the 4-Link Front Air Suspension on your F-650/750 maintain the optimum ‘ride height’ for the most comfortable ride quality. Kits available for many models including: 2WD & 4WD, 8K & 10K Axles, as well as M&H, Meritor, and Fabco axles.