2009-2017 Ram 1500 Rear Coil Replacement


Make your 1/2 ton truck more capable without sacrificing any ride quality with our popular Rear Coil Replacement Kit.

Product Details

Are you working your 1/2-ton truck a little too hard? The Kelderman Ram 1500 Rear Coil Replacement Air Suspension System is a great solution to maintain comfortable ride quality while boosting your carrying capacity. This kit consists of upper and lower airbag mounts, industrial-strength airbags, mounting hardware, air line, and Schrader valve-style inflators. There are several air control packages available for this rear-only air suspension kit.

The industrial airbags that we use in this Ram 1500 kit are the same ones that we use on the new Ram 2500 trucks! Turn your Ram 1500 into a heavy-duty truck without the heavy-duty ride…upgrade to a rear coil replacement setup from Kelderman.