1999-2004 Ford Super Duty/Excursion 4X4 2-Stage Front Air Suspension


Product Details

The 1999-2004 Ford Super Duty & Excursion trucks are great trucks and highly sought after due to their uniqueness and legendary reliability. Unfortunately, they also got stuck with leaf spring suspension all the way around. If you want to hold onto your Ford but are searching for better ride quality, air suspension is going to be your best option. Our 2-Stage Front Air Suspension design involves modifying/lightening the leaf spring pack and allowing our air suspension framework to do most of the ‘work’ on the suspension. This takes away the harshness associated with the rigid leaf spring suspension. Another advantage of the suspension is making sure your front suspension can properly carry weight. Every suspension will squat under a load, but with an adjustable air suspension on your truck, you can simply add more air to the bags to get it back to the proper ‘ride height’ position. Our 2-Stage Front Air Suspension Systems come standard with a ‘manual fill’ air control system to inflate the airbags using air line and a Schrader valve-style inflator. This makes inflating your air suspension as simple as airing up your tires. This adjustability works great if your truck is equipped with a snow plow, aftermarket bumper, winch, or other heavy accessories. You can even make this suspension automatically adjust to weight with the help of one of our optional air control systems. These kits can be used with a front-only air suspension kit, but are typically used in conjunction with one of our rear air suspension setups. These kits can also inflate or deflate above the ‘stock ride height’ allowing you the versatility you’ve always wanted from your truck. You can drop the suspension down 3.5-4″ to make it easier to hook up to a snow plow, enter/exit the vehicle, park in a smaller garage opening, etc. You can also raise the suspension above stock height to show it off and gain extra clearance, or other scenarios. The Kelderman 2-Stage Front Air Suspension System provides you with upper and lower air bag mounting plates, industrial strength airbags, Rancho adjustable shocks, necessary hardware, fittings, and air line for installation. Get your Super Duty or Excursion riding properly wi