1989-1993 Ram 2500/3500 Bravo Series Front Bumper


Product Details

Kelderman’s latest bumper design is now available for the 1981-1993 Ram trucks! The Bravo Series of bumpers continues Kelderman’s three-piece, modular design that is also found in our Alpha Series line of bumpers. The Bravo Series Bumper is designed as lower profile alternative to the Alpha Series Bumpers. A Bravo Series front bumper consists of three pieces: a center section and two outer ‘wings’. The center section will contain a 20″ cutout for a dual row L.E.D. light bar.

Mesh openings on the lower side of the bumper allow for proper airflow to the engine. The Bravo Series front bumpers are NOT winch compatible. A stock width bumper ‘wing’ is designed to line up with a factory fender or fender flare. The front bumper ‘wings’ also feature additional L.E.D. Light Bar cutouts. (1) 4″ dual-row L.E.D. light bar can be mounted in each wing horizontally. The center section of the Bravo Series Bumpers allow for installation of a 20″ dual-row light bar. Bumpers are sold in a bare steel finish. Bumper, lights, hooks, other accessories sold separately.