1989-1993 Ram 2500/3500 4X4 2-Stage Front Air Suspension


Does your First Generation Ram make you feel like a stagecoach driver on the Oregon Trail? Get on the right path to smoothing out your ride quality with a Kelderman Air Suspension System.

Product Details

One of our original creations, the Kelderman 2-Stage Front Air Suspension, for the 1st Generation (1989-1993) Dodge heavy-duty trucks is still offered after 30+ years of being offered to the public. The reason why is simple: it works! These Ram trucks are some of the most desirable trucks around due to their simplicity and the legendary Cummins motor. If you’re in the process of fixing up your old truck it’s a great time to address the suspension. One of the suspension issues facing these 1st Generation trucks is stiff ride quality. With the installation of the Kelderman 2-Stage Front Air Suspension, your leaf springs are retained, but they are reversed during the installation of our air ride framework. This combination of leaf spring and air ride suspension results in a dramatic improvement in ride quality.

This kit will also include Rancho 9000 adjustable shocks to further enhance the ride and allow you to adjust the front suspension on your truck to exactly how you want it! Maybe your truck is used not as a show truck, but as a work truck…that’s fine too! These kits are not only great at impro