Front Controls (2-stage front suspension)


Designed for 2-stage front suspension systems

Product Details

Already has a compressor and tank onboard? Our Front Controls (FC) air control package includes a dual needle air gauge, solenoid, air line, air fittings, various connectors, etc. needed for installation. The Front Controls (FC) package will allow you to pull air from your existing air tank to inflate/deflate two airbags to the proper ‘ride height’ setting. This is commonly used on a front only air suspension application.

What do do if you don’t have an air compressor or air tank and just want a front air suspension? Our Front Control setup with optional air supply (FC/AS) is an option to upgrade from the standard Schrader valve/manual fill package found standard on all of our air suspension systems. It includes a 100% duty cycle VIAIR air compressor, 3-gallon air tank, dual needle gauge, and everything needed to provide in-cab control over your air suspension.

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