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Air Lift 3H Install-RAM

Air Lift 3H Install Ram

2013-2018 Ram 3500 P/U 4X4 8-10″ Rear Air Suspension


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By removing the factory leaf springs on your Ram 3500, the Kelderman 4-Link Rear Air Suspension will lift the truck by 8-10″ at ride height. With optional self-leveling controls, you can lower the truck by 4 inches to hook up to a trailer, get in and out of the truck or fit inside an 8′ tall garage door. That’s right…a Kelderman lift kit allows you to run up to 40″ tires on your Ram and with just the push of a button, lower it down and into a standard 8′ tall garage door opening.

By removing the factory leaf springs and replacing it with an industrial strength air bag suspension, your Ram achieves a level of ride comfort you never thought possible with a lifted truck. By having a full 4-Link Rear Air Suspension lift kit from Kelderman, you still maintain all the functionality of your Ram. Have a trailer that you need to pull? Drop all the air out of the truck, back up to the trailer, hook up, air the truck back up and pull away! No matter what you hook to the truck, this 4-Link Rear Air Suspension can add air pressure to the air bags accordingly to maintain your 8-10″ lift kit (when properly equipped). 4-Link Rear lift kits for your Ram include: upper and lower bag plates, industrial strength air bags, upper and lower trailing arms, side plates, pan hard bar, crossmember, larger rear sway bar, and new sway bar end links.