2008-2016 Ford F-250/350 2-Stage Rear Air Suspension


Product Details

We hear it all the time, “I love my truck, but I hate the ride.” That is probably the exact way you feel about your Super Duty if you were searching for air suspension and ended up here. The Kelderman 2-Stage Rear Air Suspension design have been around for over 25 years and is just as effective at making customers enjoy their trucks again. You don’t have to tolerate the rough ride of a heavy duty truck just because you need the capacity of a heavy duty truck. The 2-Stage Rear Air Suspension was built for exactly that purpose.

Designed for everyone we talked to that didn’t have issues towing with their truck, but just couldn’t stand to ride in it anymore. Our 2-Stage Rear Air Suspension is a unique design that removes the rear leaf spring hanger/mount and attaches it to a ‘floating’ air suspension framework. This allows you to retain the leaf spring suspension for towing, but allows you to ride on air suspension inste