2003-2009 GM 4500/5500 4-Link Rear Air Suspension-Lowering Kit


Take your productivity of your chassis cab to new heights with better ride and carrying capacity with a Kelderman 4-Link Rear Air Suspension!

Product Details

The Kodiak or TopKick 4500/5500 trucks are still one of the more popular options for heavy-duty work trucks even after being out of production for several years. More than likely you are facing several issues with using this truck either for work or for play. The rough-riding leaf springs make it hard to enjoy driving down the road and can bounce you all around the cab. Even over time, the leaf springs typically don’t become compliant enough to provide you with acceptable ride quality.

The 2nd issue with these trucks is that they have been in service for a long time. If they have been pulling trailers for 10+ years they may not be able to hold up to what you’re still asking them to do. Why replace the current leaf springs with another set of rough riding leaf springs when you can upgrade to a Kelderman 4-Link Rear Air Suspension. Our design eliminates the rear leaf spring suspension and provides your truck with a capable, comfortable air suspension system.

This kit features a four airbag design (two per side) to provide an increase in towing/payload capacity compared to the stock leaf spring suspension. Air suspension can provide you with softer ride quality and you will no longer experience the harsh rebound of a stiff leaf spring suspension. Our kit also comes with four adjustable trailing arms to allow you to center your rear axle properly within a service body, truck box, etc. These will keep the rear end in place along with an adjustable panhard bar setup that prevents side to side movement when going down the road. In addition to the components, the kit will include trailing arm mounts, upper and lower airbag mounting plates, rear crossmember, rear sway bar, sway bar end links, axle clamps, air line, fittings, and Schrader valve inflators. This will allow you to add air to the suspension ‘manually’ like you would a truck tire. Self-leveling air control packages, such as our SLKD2WD, are available to provide your truck with an onboard air compressor, air tank, height control valves, dump valves, air dryer, and in-cab controls to allow the rear suspension to automatically adjust to weight as needed to maintain the proper ‘ride height’ or lower 3.5-4″ at the push of a button. Finally, give your Kodiak or Topkick the ride quality you deserve with an upgrade to a Kelderman 4-LinK Rear Air Suspension.

Kits available for 2×4 and 4X4 models, as well as round and square axle applications.