1999-2004 Ford F-250/350/Excursion 4X4 5-6″ Rear Air Suspension


Product Details

Chances are that the leaf spring suspension on your 1999-2004 Super Duty or Excursion is pretty well past it’s prime at this point. Whether your truck is stock or already lifted with a stiff leaf spring pack, it’s probably time for a change. Our Kelderman 5-6″ 4-Link Rear Air Suspension Lift Kit provides you with a soft ride quality and a strong towing ability. The leaf springs are completely eliminated and a large industrial air bag takes their place directly between the frame and the axle. Adjustable trailing arms keep the axle from moving forward and back while our adjustable panhard bar makes sure the rear end stays put. The kit also includes upper and lower air bag mounts, industrial air bags, rear crossmember, shock mounts, air line and a Schrader valve style inflator to inflate the suspension to the 5-6″ ‘ride height’. One of our optional, self-leveling air control packages can provide your truck with an onboard air compressor & tank to let the rear suspension automatically adjust for weight. No more squatting under a heavy load! The kit can also deflate to approximately a 3″ lift when completely deflated. This makes the process of loading items in the bed or hooking up to trailers much simpler. Add our 5-6″ Front Air Suspension Lift Kit to make your Super Duty or Excursion ride in full air suspension comfort.