Kelderman Project Vehicles

Stock Height

Jack of All Trades, Man

Jordan Henry, a real estate agent from Knoxville, TN, commissioned Kelderman to transform his 2022 RAM 3500 Dually into a standout vehicle. Thanks to Kelderman products, this plain jane work truck has now added show truck looks to its resume.

A side view of the customized 2022 RAM 3500 Truck
  • Kelderman's 5-6" air suspension lift kit
  • Kelderman-Raptor shocks
  • Air Lift 3H Air Management
  • Delta Series Front
  • Alpha Series Rear Bumpers
  • Color-matched black paint with 'Hydro Blue' accents
  • 22" American Force Wheels wrapped in 37" tires
  • Rigid Industries L.E.D Lights
  • Monster Hooks Swivel Hooks
  • Alpha Rex headlights
The Details

Jack of all trades

Jordan Henry, a real estate agent from Knoxville, TN, recently brought his 2022 RAM 3500 Dually to Kelderman Manufacturing for a complete overhaul. The goal was to turn his Tradesman-level truck into something extraordinary, and with the help of Kelderman's high-quality products, the truck became a true 'Jack of All Trades.' The first step was to install Kelderman's 5-6" air suspension lift kit, which allowed the truck to ride higher and more comfortably than ever before. The lift kit was paired with Kelderman-Raptor shocks and Air Lift 3H Air Management, making the truck's suspension system even more robust and capable.

To complement the new lift kit, Kelderman added the Delta Series Front and Alpha Series Rear Bumpers to the truck, providing enhanced protection and an aggressive look. The factory chrome parts were replaced with color-matched black paint with 'Hydro Blue' accents, giving the truck a unique and personalized appearance. The 22" American Force Wheels wrapped in 37" tires completed the truck's aggressive stance. To light the way, Kelderman installed Rigid Industries L.E.D Lights, ensuring that the truck would stand out on the road even in the darkest of nights. Finally, Monster Hooks Swivel Hooks and Alpha Rex headlights and tail lights completed the custom modifications, adding functionality and safety to the truck. The result is a stunningly modified truck that turns heads wherever it goes. Jordan Henry's 2022 RAM 3500 Dually is a testament to the versatility of Kelderman products.

With Kelderman's help, even a base model truck like the Tradesman can be transformed into something extraordinary.

Custom Kelderman Build

The Kelderman 5-6” Air Suspension Lift Kit is designed for use with a 37” tire. The factory front suspension is converted to a full air ride setup with upper and lower airbag mounts, industrial strength airbags, a dual steering stabilizer kit, a track bar drop, radius arm drop crossmember, and shock mounts. Custom-valved 2.0 remote reservoir shocks are also available.

The Kelderman 5-6” Rear Air Suspension Lift kit for the Ram 3500 Pickup features a 4-Link Rear design that eliminates your existing leaf spring. The kit includes adjustable trailing arms, trailing arm mounts, upper and lower airbag mounts, industrial strength airbags, an adjustable panhard bar, and an upgraded rear sway bar. This kit is designed with ride quality, high load capacity, and height adjustment in mind for the best possible suspension solution.