Kelderman Project Vehicles

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A Perfect Partnership

After an unfortunate accident totaled his previous Kelderman-build, Michael DeJong was left needing a replacement. In the situation where many customers wonder what they would do, Michael decided to do it all over again.

A side view of the customized 3500 Longhorn Truck
  • 3500 Longhorn
  • 5-6” Air Suspension Lift Kit
  • Black powder coat finish and chrome-plated accents
  • 22x12” American Force ‘PLAGUE’ wheels
  • 37x13.50R22 Toyo Open Country M/T tires
  • Delta Series Front Bumper
  • Chrome-plated Monster Hook Swivel Hooks
  • Rigid Industries L.E.D. lighting
  • Alpha Series Rear Bumper
The Details

A Perfect Partnership

Michael DeJong does a little bit of everything. As a self-described farmer, engineer, and real-estate developer, we can imagine that his daily routine is anything but ordinary. Over the years, Michael has found one thing that he can count on for his business, a Kelderman-equipped RAM. Michael’s previous build was totaled in an unfortunate accident and he was left without his personal truck, work truck, and an aggressive attention-getter for his business.

What he did was pick up right where he left off. He swapped the totaled 3500 dually for a 3500 single rear wheel truck and sent it back to Kelderman for a fresh build. The DeJong Ram wasn’t used as just a truck, but as a statement piece for his business and as a reflection of himself. The end result was a top-notch truck just as he had before and just as he had expected.

The 3500 Longhorn featured a factory theme of white with chrome accents and that was a perfect starting point for this project. A 5-6” Air Suspension Lift Kit was installed with a black powder coat finish and chrome-plated accents to draw just enough attention to what lies underneath the big RAM. A polished set of 22x12” American Force ‘PLAGUE’ wheels add some offset and sophistication to the truck along with a set of 37x13.50R22 Toyo Open Country M/T tires.

A Delta Series Front Bumper equipped with chrome-plated Monster Hook Swivel Hooks and Rigid Industries L.E.D. lighting makes the truck at home in the field or at the office. An Alpha Series Rear Bumper with matching options rounds out the rear of the truck for an aggressive, all-around look.

This truck ends up as a result of a perfect partnership with a customer that has a background not unlike our own. A purposefully built RAM for a proud customer is the result of a perfect partnership.

Custom Kelderman Build

The Kelderman 5-6” Air Suspension Lift Kit is designed for use with a 37” tire. The factory front suspension is converted to a full air ride setup with upper and lower airbag mounts, industrial strength airbags, a dual steering stabilizer kit, a track bar drop, radius arm drop crossmember, and shock mounts. Custom-valved 2.0 remote reservoir shocks are also available.

The Kelderman 5-6” Rear Air Suspension Lift kit for the Ram 3500 Pickup features a 4-Link Rear design that eliminates your existing leaf spring. The kit includes adjustable trailing arms, trailing arm mounts, upper and lower airbag mounts, industrial strength airbags, an adjustable panhard bar, and an upgraded rear sway bar. This kit is designed with ride quality, high load capacity, and height adjustment in mind for the best possible suspension solution.