About Kelderman Manufacturing, Inc.

Kelderman Manufacturing was founded in 1970 by Gary Kelderman.  Known throughout the agricultural industry as a leading innovator, Gary currently holds over 25 patents on such items as rubber track systems for combines and tractors, corn harvesting attachments, hay raking equipment and air suspension systems. 

In the 1970s, Gary was dominant in the Tri-State Truck Pullers Association modified class, winning the championship all three years with his Hemi-powered pulling rig, which was nothing short of an “engineering masterpiece.” What started out in Gary’s one-stall “hot rod” shop has grown into a 30-acre, 100,000 square ft manufacturing facility. Today they are considered a leading supplier of innovative products to the agricultural industry including corn planter hinge kits, planter tools, and marker systems for John Deere planters, hay raking equipment and Corn Reels.  The company has changed and evolved considerably over the past 40 years and is known and respected for its diverse products offerings. 

Two decades after its inception, Kelderman Air Suspension Systems came into existence when Gary bought a new Dodge Cummins diesel.  Unhappy with the ride, Gary put his mechanical mind to work and developed the first Kelderman Air Suspension System.  It didn’t take too long for the news to travel. Practically overnight, Dodge trucks all across the country were riding on air.  Today, Kelderman provides systems for Ford and Chevrolet vehicles as well as Dodge, and has had over 50 magazine features and dozens of television editorial stories covering their amazing air ride kits.  Many NASCAR racers and sports celebrities are the proud owners of tricked out Kelderman rides.

Motorcoach platforms such as the F-53 (Ford) and Workhorse (GM) have become very popular, as well as 5th wheel and bumper pull trailers with leaf spring or torsion axle suspensions.  Everything from RVs to horse trailers and race trailers can be up-fitted with an air suspension that improves the ride as well as increases the longevity of the equipment.  In recent years, the company has engineered air suspension lift kits for ¾ and 1-ton domestic trucks that offer a fully adjustable, lifted look while providing a smoother ride that does not sacrifice load-carrying capacity.  The adjustability of the kit not only allows the truck to be lowered to fit easily into a garage, but also makes it easier to “climb” in and out of.  Once again, leading the way in innovation, Kelderman is the only company in the off road market to offer this type of system. 

The company has developed a variety of air suspension lowering kits as well.  The GMT900 platform stands out as the trendsetter with the ability to lower the vehicle making entering and exiting the vehicle simpler.  This is especially true for those with children or physical handicaps. The system also gives the truck a stronger stance while improving handling and stability by dropping the center of gravity.  Kelderman’s ever increasing development has led to the design of 4-link suspension systems for the ambulance market, which has become the company’s fastest growing product market.  The systems allow medical personnel easier loading and unloading capabilities as well as providing a smoother ride for patients during transport.  The air suspension systems have evolved tremendously since that first Dodge truck and now are available for shipment worldwide.

Kelderman Manufacturing was built on Midwestern values and holds true to those values today.  From the quality of products it produces to the dedication in servicing every customer that walks through the door, their mission is to continue carrying out these ideals for many years to come.