I want to thank you for your assistance with advice, pricing and setting up the installation at your facility. It was so nice that Kelderman offer a site with full hookups for us to stay at in our RV. I was very nervous initially in spending this amount of money, but was made more comfortable because of the recommendations of two people who belong to the same RV Forum as myself and have the same tow vehicle as mine. It was great that you and your technicians led me through the whole process and even more impressive that Jeff Kelderman came with us for our final test drive with fifth wheel in tow. It made me and especially my wife feel very confident that an owner wanted to make sure that we were completely satisfied. The ride has been made much more comfortable and my wife is happy that she can do her knitting again without losing stitches every time we go over a bump. Thank you for the loaner car during installation – a very nice gesture.

Thanks once again,

Regards – Lee Mitchell