2-Stage Rear Air Suspension is now available for your E series motorhome or shuttle bus! Take the rough ride out of your travels with the help of Kelderman Air Suspension. By adding a Kelderman 2-Stage Rear Air Suspension to your E-350/450 you add 2-3″ of additional suspension travel that helps make your trips more enjoyable!

“We added the Kelderman Air Suspension to a new Turtle Top Limo Bus built on a Ford E-450 chassis. I have demonstrated this bus to three people with great results. It virtually eliminates all of the bumps that you get on I-10 between Slidell and New Orleans. This road is one of the worst and it really made a difference. The customers that rode with me could not believe the difference that it made. We use other ride enhancements, but nothing close to this system. I can’t wait to put this system on a paratransit bus for a high end retirement home.”

-Sam Gibson, Alliance Bus Group