2011+ Ford F-250/350/450 4-6" 4-Link Rear Lift Kit

Not willing to accept the factory rake of your Super Duty pickup, but still need to actually use it as a truck? Kelderman Air Suspension Systems has developed a 4-6" lift kit for the 2011+ Super Duty Pickup platform to get your truck up in the air without losing it's usability. By removing the rear leaf springs of the truck, a Kelderman 4-Link Rear Air Suspension allows for the rear of the truck to ride entirely on air suspension. By placing an industrial size air bag above the rear axle and betwen the factory frame, the 4-LInk Rear system will improve the ride and carrying capacity of your truck. This system includes trailing arms, forward mounting side plates, upper and lower bag plates, pan hard bar, crossmember, and an upgraded rear sway bar w/ end links. 

Add this kit to the rear of your Super Duty by itself to improve the ride and towing or add our 4-6" front kit to it to have a full air suspension on your truck! The 4-6" lift kit is capable of lowering down to approximately a 1" lift to make it easy to climb in and out of the truck, hook up to trailers, or just to show off what your truck can do! When fully inflated to 4-6" kit becomes a towering 10" lift! Make your Super Duty the ulimate work truck with an unbelieveable ride quality and be the envy of the all truck owners by getting your full 4-6" Air Suspension kit from Kelderman Air Suspension today! Call 1.800.334.6150 or your nearest dealer for more information. 

Kits available with self-leveling air controls and Fox shocks. Shocks available in chrome or brushed finish. 

**Optional powder coat and chrome finishes shown**

-Self-leveling air controls available

-Removes factory leaf springs

-Improved ride quality

-Improved carrying capacity

-Adjustable from 1-10" of lift

-Available with Fox Remote reservoir shocks


'I drove my F-450 with the 4-6" kit from Texas to Las Vegas & I have to tell you, it's the best ride ever.'

--Michael O' Krinsky, Extreme Off-Road