Sarco Plastics 2012 Ram 5500 Chassis Cab

Sarco Plastics 2012 Ram 5500 Chassis Cab

Located in the Wisconsin Dells, Sean Reiger of Sarco Plastics operates a sucessful business traveling to sell and install custom plastic dump liners for the construction industry, as well as delivering many types of plastics to end users, dealers, and manufacturers throughout the Midwest. In order to be in this line of work, Sean knew he needed a truck capable of carrying a lot of weight, leading him to the purchase of a 2012 Ram 5500 Chassis Cab. After receiving the truck, Sean fitted it with a custom flatbed with toolboxes necessary for holding his equipment for work. Mounted to the flatbed is a crane that Sean uses to lift heavy objects while on the job.

While the new 5500 was able to carry the weight as it sat, the truck was just too rough in it's current state. 'We often find ourselves on rough roads and harsh conditions; that's why we went with the Kelderman', Sean said about his Kelderman-equipped Ram. 'It not only helps with the ride, it also keeps it level with the varying loads we put on it after the crane was installed.'

The Sarco Plastics' Ram runs a Kelderman 4-Link Rear Air Suspension and the 2-Stage Front Air Suspension System, removing the existing factory leaf and coil spring suspension to make it ride entirely on air. The truck features the SLKD2WD control system on the back to allow the 4-Link Rear Air Suspension to automatically adjust for changes in weight and allow the truck to drop 3-4" lower with the push of a button to make hooking up to trailers and working off the flatbed much more easy. Two additonal mechanical height control valves were placed on the front of the truck, so that it would maintain a proper ride height at all four corners. 

With the truck riding on air, Sean turned his attention to making this thing the perfect rolling billboard. 'Sarco Plastics' decals cover the doors on both sides, as well as the hood of the Ram to let everyone know Sean and his Ram are here for work. An H&S Mini Maxx tuner has also been added to the truck to lower RPM's and improve the fuel economy of the 6.7L Cummins when traveling for work. The H&S tuner also helps move the 22.5" polished wheels from American Force down the road much easier as Sean's truck now looks as good as it works.

The end result of all this hard work is a chassis cab Ram that shows what Sarco Plastics is all about: a great looking finished product that is made to work.