2014+ Ram 2500 8-10" 4-Link Rear Lift Kit

Designed for the Ram 2500 trucks with factory coil spring rear suspension, the Kelderman 8-10" 4-Link Front and Rear Air Suspension Lift Kit is the best option to make your Ram the lifted truck you've always wanted. By removing the factory suspension and replacing the coil springs with a high-strength, industrial style air bag suspension, this Kelderman lift kit is fully-adjustable with just the touch of a button (when equipped with optional air control packages). Capable of running up to 40" tires, this lift kit maintains a comfortable ride while boosting your trucks carrying capacity!


With the coil spring suspension, sometimes the trucks aren't able to do the jobs you ask them to do. With a Kelderman Air Suspension lift kit, you won't have to be the guy towing his boat, camper, or trailer around with the rear suspension 3" lower than your front suspension due to the weight. An air suspension is capable of adjusting for the weight of your trailer/cargo and your truck will always sit level. With the push of a button on our ESLK4-TPAD air management package, the suspension will lower to approximately a 4" lift to make things such as entering/exiting, hoooking up a trailer, and entering garages much easier. That's right...your Ram truck with a 10" lift and 40" tires will fit in your standard 8' garage door. 


All from within the cab, you lower your truck down to park and with the push of a button it returns to the 8-10" ride height for a smooth, comfortable ride. You can even fully inflate this kit to a towering 14" lift! Lift your Ram today with Kelderman Air Suspension Systems, the legendary name in Ram air suspension systems. 

Blue Ram shown with 22" American Force Wheels and 40x15.50R22 Toyo Open Country M/T tires. 

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