International TerraStar 2-Stage Rear Air Suspension

Your International TerraStar is built with work in mind, not ride quality. With a Kelderman 2-Stage Rear Air Suspension System you can make anything ride much better, even your International! Turn your Class 4/5 International truck into something that isn't a chore to drive!

 Want to know how it works?

An upper frame is bolted to the pickup frame. A lower frame is attached to the upper frame at the rear hinge point. The spring shackles are attached to the lower frame and the air bags are mounted between the upper and lower frame units. It's really that simple to convert your truck to air ride comfort. 

Typical air pressure when empty ranges from 25-35 psi and may vary depending on what kind of bed you have and the cargo being hauled. When loaded, depending on the load, pressure could reach 100psi. The Firestone air bags are durable and are tested to peak at over 300psi without breaking! 

The amount of air pressure to keep in the system can be determined by the bottom swing arm of the air suspension. Keeping this swing arm parallel with the ground will allow your air suspension to work as designed, to give you the best ride.

  • Utilizes TerraStar factory air compressor and dryer
  • Includes mechanical controls