2007-2011 GMT900 Front Lowering Kit

The Kelderman Air Suspension GMT900 lowering kit with dump feature is a high quality bolt-in system that is fully compatible with the original leveling system.  By lowering the vehicle 2" in the rear and 1" in the front when the vehicle is in motion, the system gives these trucks a stronger stance while improving handling stability by dropping the center of gravity.  The Kelderman system also allows use of larger size wheels and tires.

At full stop, the electronic control system drops another 2" of air, automatically providing up to 4" of total drop.  The look is great, and the ingress and egress is dramatically improved.

Kelderman recommends the ESLK4-TPAD control system which includes: all necessary wiring, dual 12-volt air compressors, dual 3-gallon tanks, air dryer and computerized in-cab controls that will raise and lower the truck with the push of a button.  Kits are also available for Suburbans, Tahoes, Yukons, Avalanche and Denali trucks.  The front system will fit 1500 Silverados and Sierras as well. ESLK4-TPAD CONTROLS SOLD SEPARATELY.

With an air suspension you can have a ride as good, if not better, than factory!  Have any more questions about Kelderman's GMT900 lowering kit?  Give us a call at 1.800.334.6150!

  • Improved ride over other lowering kits
  • Easy installation
  • Clear up to 28" wheels
  • Check out our video of a GMT900 lowering kit in action here: