2008+ Ford F-650/750 C&C 4-Link Front Air Suspension


A two ton truck like the Ford F-650 has many advantages over lighter duty trucks – ride comfort is not one of them. That can change easily enough with a front 4-link air suspension conversion kit from Kelderman. This easy to install system greatly improves ride comfort, decreases shock and fatigue, and will even improve the overall look of the truck – giving it a more leveled look in the front.

Kelderman’s kit comes complete with a heavy duty front sway bar kit, height control valve that ties into the factory air supply, heavy duty Firestone air bags, and all brackets and hardware necessary to make these trucks more pleasurable to drive.  When carrying a heavy load, the automatic height control valve immediately compensates for the added weight to level the truck. 

Kelderman’s system, developed with top grade components, replaces the factory leaf springs with a quality engineered 4-link suspension that is maintenance free and easily bolts into existing holes. These 4-Link Front kits are available for two or four wheel drive applications in various axle sizes. Give us a call at 1.800.334.6150 for more information today!



  • Improves the ride of the truck
  • Decreases shock and fatigue
  • Easy to install, maintenance free
  • Bolts into existing holes on truck frame
  • Replaces leaf springs to convert to 4-link
  • Includes heavy duty front sway bar kit
  • Includes height control valve to tie into factory air supply
  • Gives truck "leveled out" look in the front