1999+ Ford F53 Motorhome Chassis 2-Stage Rear Air Suspension


A Kelderman 2-Stage Rear Air Suspension is designed to provide a better ride. In a motorhome, you often endure long hours of trips across the worst roads in the country and that takes the fun out of your traveling. With the help of a Kelderman 2-Stage Rear Air Suspension, you wont have objects rattle out of cabinets and off countertops while you're traveling. Extend the life of your motorhome by allowing it an easier path down the highway! Your motorhome is a substantial investment and Kelderman can help you protect and preserve that investment.

How does it work?

The rear suspension system uses an upper framework mounted to the chassis and a lower framework that mounts to the factory leaf-spring shackle, with an air bag located in between. This creates what is known as a 2-Stage Air Suspension. The air bag absorbs the bump before it is transferred onto the leaf springs allowing two separate suspensions to handle the road's cracks and bumps. A Kelderman 2-Stage Rear Air Suspension for your motorhome is exactly what you need to enjoy your future trips and to help protect your investment.


"Last fall I had the Kelderman (front and rear system) installed by Madison Spring in Madison, WI. I love it. I had previously installed Mor/Ryde on my 2010 and Koni shocks, but this is so far superior. I had 800 miles on my 2012 Winnebago Vista on a 2011 F-53 chassis when we did the install. We drove to California last winter and love to drive it. The ride is beyond fantastic."

--Bob West, another satisfied Kelderman customer