2011+ FORD F-450 4x4 6-8" REAR

The Kelderman 6-8” lift kit can be set to five different heights using the optional Hadley SAMS 4X4 control system interface that allows you to adjust the air suspension from within the cab using a touchscreen display. All Kelderman Air Suspension options are availalbe with a variety of air control systems that can be seen here. A Kelderman 4-Link Rear Air Suspension is designed to completely remove the factory leaf spring setup in favor of an heavy duty, industrial strength air suspension option. With Kelderman's 4-Link Design, 'wheel hop' and 'axle wrap' is eliminated thanks to the adjustable trailing arms and panhard bar included in the suspension to make sure your rear suspension stays put. Air suspension provides a ride comfort that you didn't think was possible in such a large pickup. If you want your F-450 to ride better and tow better, and give you the lifted look you want? Kelderman hits the nail on the head with this 6-8" lift kit. 

These custom engineered Super Duty kits come complete with Roadmaster Sway bars, all necessary brackets and Firestone air springs. FOX remote reservoir shocks and billet shock clamps are also available options. Call our toll-free number, 1.800.334.6150, for more information.