Electronic Self-Leveling Kit with dual dump valves (includes air dryer)-ESLKD2WD

The ESLK2 is a 2-way system that manages 2 air springs independently and is designed for use with 4-link suspension systems.  It includes an air compressor, air tank, dryer, manifold, ECU, sensors, wire harness, control switch and enclosure (weather resitant box w/ noise reducing feet).

Also available without dryer for reduced price.


  • Air Dryer Kit to remove moisture
  • 3 User-Selectable vehicle heights.
  • Auxiliary Inputs trigger Kneel Height from an external device like a vehicle door.
  • True Position Based Height Sensors provide accurate leveling regardless of load.
  • Fast Height Recovery, typically 4 seconds from Kneeled to 50% of travel.
  • User Re-Savable ride height from inside the vehicle, (mechanical linkage adjustment under the vehicle is not required).
  • Ride Monitor Mode automatically corrects for changes in load while driving or parked.
  • Ride Height on Start brings the vehicle to driving height on vehicle ignition.
  • Automatically Calibrates to perform accurately on any vehicle.
  • Cold Weather Compatible due to enclosed design.
  • Extensive Self Diagnostics notify the driver of any system malfunction.
  • Manages Air Compressor to allow faster height achievement.
  • High Volume Compressor provides tank recovery time of 81 seconds from 110-150psi on the included 3-gallon tank.
  • Dual Vibration Isolation eliminates compressor noise transmission.
  • 100% Weather Tolerant for under vehicle mounting.