2008+ Dodge 4500/5500 Chassis Cab 2-Stage Rear Air Suspension


Adding a Kelderman Air Suspension 2-Stage suspension kit to your existing suspension will provide a level of comfort you thought was impossible. The Kelderman 2-Stage suspension is designed to improve the ride of your truck, loaded or unloaded. By loosening the rear spring shackle from the frame and attaching it to the air suspension, you've effectively provided yourself with a two-stage suspension system that smoothes the road. In this system, the bumps go through the air bag before transferring onto the leaf springs. This Kelderman suspension is NOT to be confused with just adding an air bag between the axle and the frame as a helper bag setup. This type of system is merely a helper for the springs to allow additional weight carrying capacity. It does nothing for the riding qualities of the vehicle and in many situations degrades the ride. If you're looking for something to drastically change the ride quality of your Ram chassis cab, look no further than the Kelderman 2-Stage Rear Air Suspension. 

For vehicles with 52 gallon fuel tank.