2013+ Ram 2500/3500 4x4 5-6" Front Lift Kit

The Kelderman Air Suspension Systems 5-6" 4-Link Air Suspension System raises the height of your Ram truck by 5-6" at ride height and still has the ability to go from a 1" lift to a 10" lift with just the push of a button. The truck's best ride comes at the preset ride height of a 5-6" lift. With optional self-leveling air controls, your Ram truck will automatically adjust to any sort of weight added to it any never 'squat' under the weight. With this 5-6" lift, it's perfect to give you a much better look than the factory rake of your truck, but not too high to lose the ability to drive it daily. Perfect for 35-37" tires, this kit provides a ride comfort that no other conventional lift kit on the market can even match.

What's cooler than having a lifted Ram truck? Dumping all the air out of it and fitting it inside your garage! That's right...no more letting your pride and joy sit outside, no rebuilding/replacing garage doors, no more worrying about the weather and what it can do to your truck. Push a button, drop it down, pull it in and you have a lifted truck tucking 35-37" tires nice and safe in your garage.

Utilizing the 2013+ Ram radius arm suspension, the Kelderman 5-6" retains the radius arm suspension that has taken the place of the weak control arm suspension found on 2012 and earlier Ram models and provides a crossmember that drops the radius arms down to the proper angle for driving your lifted truck. The 5-6" front lift kit includes heavy duty, industrial strength air bags, upper and lower bag plates, pan hard bar drop brackets, crossmember, and shock brackets. Shocks and air controls sold separately.

Give your 2013+ Ram 3500 HD truck the ride you've been searching for with the lifted look you've been dreaming about with the help of Kelderman 5-6" Air Suspension setup. FInd the Kelderman dealer closest to you by visiting the Dealers section of our website. Want even more info on Kelderman products? Email us at info@kelderman.com or give us a call directly at our toll-free number, 1.800.334.6150. 

**Black/Gold Mega Cab shown w/ 22" American Force Wheels and 35" Nitto Terra Grappler Tires.

NOTE: Kit designed specifically for Ram trucks with radius arm front suspension from the factory. Kits also available for previous, smaller control arm style suspension